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Explore Ways that Catalyst can Help You Leverage Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors® Solutions for You and Your Organization

Don’t want to run your DiSC or Five Behaviors workshop or training session yourself? We can provide one of our seasoned principals to design and lead a workshop that addresses your unique needs!

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Why Hire Us?

There are many great reasons to hire us as external facilitators rather than running DiSC or Five Behaviors programs yourself.


Our experience goes well beyond Instructor Led Training.  We have been consultants and trusted advisers to CEOs, business owners, and other senior leaders for years. We bring more than just stand-up skills to you.

Facilitation and DiSC/Five Behaviors are our core competencies. No matter what business you’re in, you know the importance of experience. When it comes to DiSC and Five Behaviors, we have almost twenty years of experience designing and facilitating high-impact sessions at all organizational levels.

We bring a fresh perspective. When you’re working in or leading an organization, it’s difficult to be truly objective. As “professional outsiders,” we can often recognize opportunities that might be hard for you and your team to see. And we can bring perspectives from the hundreds of other organizations we’ve worked with.

We will foster an atmosphere of neutral and unbiased facilitation. Bringing in an external facilitator provides participants with a sense of knowledge, authority and increased buy-in. As an added bonus, you’ll find that employees feel they are being valued, receiving training hours and insight from an expert.

We will ask the difficult questions. We use an expansive toolkit and facilitation strategies honed over many years working with organizations of all types. We can often be more direct in challenging situations than might be “politically correct” for in-house resources.

To learn more about us designing and facilitating a customized DiSC or Five Behaviors workshop or program for your organization, please contact us for a free consultation. After a brief conversation, we’ll provide you with a turnkey proposal that meets your needs and budget.

In a Hurry?

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We have pre-packaged three of our most popular half-day, in-person training sessions into what we call Quick Start Workshops.  We can conduct one of these sessions for your team with very little notice – and at a very attractive all-in price.

  • Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work (uses Everything DiSC Workplace assessment).
  • Harness the power of conflict by transforming destructive behavior into productive responses (uses Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment).
  • Build and fortify skills that transcend teams (uses The Five Behaviors Personal Development assessment).

Our DiSC Clients Include:

Success Stories

Building a legacy of leadership at Carhartt, a family-owned global manufacturer.

Creating a Winning Culture at SWBC, an international financial services company.

We have designed and facilitated workshops that target...

Conflict Resolution

Use Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict to build awareness around personal productive and destructive conflict behaviors and develop appropriate and shared conflict behaviors in a team or organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Everything DiSC® Workplace provides tools for each of the four emotional intelligence (EI) domains:  self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.  Achieve better results by improving EI across your organization. 

Sales Training

Customers have different needs and approaches when making purchase decisions. Everything DiSC® Sales will help your sales team quickly and accurately assess customer buying styles and adapt to their specific needs.

Employee Engagement

A sense of belonging is a known driver of employee engagement. Help associates form and maintain meaningful connections with the shared tools and language of Everything DiSC® Workplace.


Help new members adapt seamlessly to their teams using Everything DiSC® Workplace. Help them quickly understand their co-worker’s styles with MyEverthingDiSC®.

Customer Experience

Use Everything DiSC® Sales to help your reps understand customer buying styles and better meet customer needs. Connect with customers more consistently and confidently.

New Leader Assimilation

Help teams and organizations quickly adapt to new leadership using Everything DiSC® Workplace and MyEverythingDiSC®.

Team Development

Whether your team is new or established, use Everything DiSC® Workplace to build cohesion, establish trust, and develop group norms.

Management Development

Give your managers the tools and information they need to direct, develop, motivate, and delegate more effectively.

We can help!

cynthia waisner

Cynthia Waisner, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Managing Partner

We’ve been designing and facilitating successful workshops – virtually and in-person – for more than twenty years. Our clients range from global brands such as Bayer, Netflix, and Gucci to entrepreneurial startups to successful mid-tier enterprises to national associations.  The organizations we work with are very different…but the challenges they face and their need to create focus and alignment are common ground.  We design and lead custom workshops that accelerate their progress towards being healthier and more collaborative enterprises.

glen waisner

Glen Waisner, M.B.A

Managing Partner

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Here's what some of our clients say about us...

mary ann knaus

Professional and Objective Facilitator

Glen quickly assesses organizational dynamics, challenges and issues from which he facilitates tough, honest, open dialog and effective resolution. No matter the issue or challenge, Glen facilitates productive dialog and effectively leads sessions, managing divergent points of view to consensus and action. Glen diplomatically surfaces organizational blockers in an engaging fashion, encouraging participation, problem solving and commitment to accountability. As an experienced professional and objective facilitator, any executive team would benefit from Glen’s engagement.

Mary Ann Knaus, Founder at Aquarius Group and Former SVP at Jarden Consumer Solutions

brad root

An Extremely Gifted Professional

Cynthia is an extremely gifted professional. I needed an outside professional to help identify many of the challenges and opportunities of a growing organization. Cynthia took us through a SWOT Analysis and Strategic Plan more effectively than any other consultant with whom I had ever worked. Through her deep engagement with the organization, she could see many things that many of us on this inside could not. After a successful implementation of her recommendations, we began moved from a time of “storming” and “norming” to one of great “performing.” I highly recommend Cynthia.

Brad Root, Former COO, Anglican Church of North America

dave snodgrass

Dependable Advisor

Glen has become a dependable advisor and friend for our company. He has great ability to listen and offer unique perspectives, that I have learned to appreciate and value. He has a good sense of humor, and great business sense, and judgement. I enjoy our 1-1 meetings, and our group meetings.

David Snodgrass, Owner at Snodgrass & Sons Construction Co. Inc.

adele suddes

One of the Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

I hired Cynthia for several years when I was employed at Textron and leading its senior executive marketing council and senior executive communications council. Both groups were comprised of very diverse and opinionated executive leaders. Also in both groups were 2-3 individuals who tended to be argumentative and seemed to enjoy de-railing meetings and exploring rat holes. Bringing Cynthia in to help me plan our monthly meetings so that the meeting goals were achieved was one of the best investments I have ever made professionally.  If you are looking for expert assistance to help you bring a group of people together around a vision, mission, goals or action plans: you will find no one better than Cynthia.

Adele J Suddes, former Vice President Communications at Textron

frank kenna

Gets Everyone Involved

My biggest concern before hiring Catalyst was “would they be effective?” The answer was yes! My favorite part of our strategic planning session was getting ideas and feedback from all group members, not just the usually-vocal ones. Glen has a solid methodology that creates a framework for planning. He then facilitates without “getting in the way,” allowing the team to focus on the actual planning, not the structure.

Frank Kenna, CEO at The Marlin Company

sherry chesinhall

Highly Insightful, Intelligent Partner

Cynthia is a highly insightful, intelligent partner who helped our group see potential areas to grow and to develop a plan to get there. She’s personable and engaging to work with and is perhaps the quickest, most instinctive analyst of individuals and group dynamics that I’ve ever worked with. She’s always dead-on in her insight and shares her assessment in direct but constructive ways, always with an eye toward creating strategies for improvement and, ultimately, success.

Sherry Chisenhall, Managing Editor at the Charlotte Observer

andy hill

Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

I would not have believed that this group of individuals could have gotten this far in this little time. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Andy Hill, Former President & CEO at Jarden Consumer Solutions

stuart powell

Highly Recommend

Glen and Cynthia have both helped us with Strategic Planning and they always have ideas to help us improve. I would highly recommend Cynthia and Glen.

Stuart Powell, President/CEO at Cookshack, Inc.

jon butts

Created a Safe Environment and Kept Us On Track

My biggest concern was that we would invest a good amount and walk away without any additional insight, which we didn’t already know or could have come up with on our own. Fortunately, this was not the case and the session was extremely valuable. Glen is very detail oriented and a great communicator. His approach made everyone on the team feel like they were in a safe atmosphere where anything could be brought to the table without judgment. In addition, he had a great way of guiding us back on topic when needed, to make sure that our agenda was accomplished. I would definitely recommend his service!

Jon Butts, President of Muscle Up Marketing

jeryy zuchawicki

Always Willing to Address the “Elephant in the Room”

It’s one thing to claim to be a “trusted adviser,” but quite another to deliver on that promise – and Glen does! As a member of the JCS Executive Team, I worked with Glen for years as he provided facilitation and consulting services across a host of strategic areas of our business. He was always willing to address the “elephant in the room” and help us navigate and align around some tough issues. And he never let us forget “Glen’s Rule” that “no business can outperform its leadership team long-term.” Glen would be a true asset to any business leader looking to accelerate success in their marketplace and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Jerry Zuchowicki, President/GM of North America & EMEA for Newell Brands, Appliances & Cookware

nancy norton

Turned a Difficult Situation into a Positive

Cynthia worked with our non-profit organization to bring us through some amazing times of change and growth. Her work with our organization turned a difficult situation into a positive and rewarding working environment for all of us. Her skills to bring us to a higher level and more complex organization were instrumental in our successful growth.

Nancy Norton, Executive Director at Anglican Relief and Development 

dick coe

Discerns Issues and Opportunities

Glen has a wealth of business experience and the desire to help others. He listens well, and discerns issues and opportunities. His recommendations are solid. I highly value time with Glen.

J. Richard Coe, Owner & President at Coe Financial Services, Inc.

mike kratofil

Helped Us to Solidify and Gain Consensus

I worked with Glen at Jarden for several years; both in group and one-on-one settings. His ability in both, to weave strategic intent through the many dynamic challenges and opportunities in our business, proved critical to our consistent success. Glen continued to prove and hone a deft skill of leading and managing a plethora of inputs from our senior team. This included ability to work with multiple functional departments, diverse backgrounds and strong personalities. He had a way of bringing focus to the many complicated and various ideas we had as individuals and then helping us to solidify and gain consensus to one comprehensive business vision and plan.

Michael Kratofil, Former SVP- Global Business Development at Jarden Consumer Solutions

pat robinson

Very Good at “Herding Cats”

Glen does of very good job of “herding cats” – keeping us all on track and involved in the meetings. He also has given me valuable insights and tools to understand my business more thoroughly and helped me greatly via our monthly “1 to 1” meetings. I would recommend him highly.

Patrick Robinson, Partner at B2B CFO and Former President at Mize & Company Inc.