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Our consulting and facilitation experts can help you leverage Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors® solutions across your organization — in-person or virtually!

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TEAM BUILDING Creates Strategic Advantage


of people reported being on 2 or more teams. Directors and executives are most often on 5 or more teams.


of people reported working on a team where at least one member collaborated virtually.

Teams in today’s workplace are more complex, more fluid, and more dispersed than ever before.

Source: The Five Behaviors® | State of Teams Report | 2020


of managers, directors, and executives believe developing teamwork skills is absolutely worth their team’s time.


have left jobs in the past due to bad team experiences.

Workshops That Positively Impact People and Culture

virtual TRAINING Workshops

Video-conference facilitation


Save travel time and dollars! Our virtual training technologies and facilitation techniques ensure highly-interactive sessions.

Starting at only $3,900

in-person TRAINING Workshops

In-the-room facilitation

Our broad experience as consultants and facilitators ensures your on-site session will deliver the impact and results you expect.

Starting at only $4,900

Our DiSC Clients Include:

Success Stories

Building a legacy of leadership at Carhartt, a family-owned global manufacturer.

Creating a Winning Culture at SWBC, an international financial services company.

Why Hire Us as Your Workshop Facilitation Partner?

There are many great reasons to hire us as external facilitators/trainers rather than running DiSC or Five Behaviors programs yourself – and that is especially true when facilitating virtual training sessions.

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Our experience goes well beyond Instructor Led Training.  We have been consultants and trusted advisers to CEOs, business owners, and other senior leaders for years. We bring you more than just stand-up skills.

Facilitation and DiSC/Five Behaviors are our core competencies.  No matter what business you are in, you know the importance of experience. When it comes to DiSC and Five Behaviors, we have twenty years of experience designing and facilitating high-impact training sessions at all organizational levels.

We are virtual meeting experts. Even before COVID-19, Catalyst often facilitated sessions remotely. But since transitioning to an almost 100% virtual business model, we have honed a mix of online tools, techniques, and platforms that make virtual sessions at least as productive as in-person meetings (arguably, more so).

We bring a fresh perspective.  When you are working in an organization, it is difficult to be truly objective. As “professional outsiders,” we can often recognize opportunities that might be hard for you and your team to see. And we can bring perspectives from the hundreds of other organizations we have worked with.

We foster an atmosphere of neutral and unbiased facilitation.  Bringing us in as external facilitators/trainers provides participants with a sense of knowledge, authority and increased buy-in. As an added bonus, you will find that employees feel they are being valued when receiving training hours and insight from an expert.

We will ask the difficult questions.  We use an expansive toolkit and facilitation strategies honed over many years working with organizations of all types. We can often be more direct in challenging situations than might be “politically correct” for in-house resources.

Meet our Principals

cynthia waisner

Cynthia Waisner, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Managing Partner

We have been designing and facilitating successful training workshops – virtually and in-person – for more than twenty years. Our clients range from global brands such as Bayer, Netflix, and Gucci to entrepreneurial startups to successful mid-tier enterprises to national associations.  The organizations we work with are very different…but the challenges they face and their need to create focus and alignment are common ground.

As Certified Everything DiSC Facilitators, we design and lead workshops that have lasting impact on collaboration, conflict resolution, communication, and improved performance.

glen waisner

Glen Waisner, M.B.A

Managing Partner

We design and facilitate workshops that target...

Conflict Resolution

Use Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict to build awareness around personal productive and destructive conflict behaviors and develop appropriate and shared conflict behaviors in a team or organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Everything DiSC® Workplace provides tools for each of the four emotional intelligence (EI) domains:  self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.  Achieve better results by improving EI across your organization. 

Sales Training

Customers have different needs and approaches when making purchase decisions. Everything DiSC® Sales will help your sales team quickly and accurately assess customer buying styles and adapt to their specific needs.

Employee Engagement

A sense of belonging is a known driver of employee engagement. Help associates form and maintain meaningful connections with the shared tools and language of Everything DiSC® Workplace.


Help new members adapt seamlessly to their teams using Everything DiSC® Workplace. Help them quickly understand their co-worker’s styles with MyEverthingDiSC®.

Customer Experience

Use Everything DiSC® Sales to help your reps understand customer buying styles and better meet customer needs. Connect with customers more consistently and confidently.

New Leader Assimilation

Help teams and organizations quickly adapt to new leadership using Everything DiSC® Workplace and MyEverythingDiSC®.

Team Development

Whether your team is new or established, use Everything DiSC® Workplace to build cohesion, establish trust, and develop group norms.

Management Development

Give your managers the tools and information they need to direct, develop, motivate, and delegate more effectively.

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