Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification: IN-PERSON OPEN ENROLLMENT CLASS


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These classes are held at locations and on dates scheduled on a regular basis by Catalyst.

Become more knowledgeable, confident, and engaged through participating in a local in-person Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification Class. With a primary purpose to increase confidence and expertise in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace, this intensive course offers new content on the principles of the DiSC® model and supporting research. You’ll gain the expertise and credentials needed to deliver Everything DiSC Workplace within your organization.

This course begins with online pre-work (assigned three weeks prior to your class start-date), culminating in two days of practical application facilitated by Catalyst’s Managing Partners, Cynthia Waisner, Ph.D., and Glen Waisner, MBA, both Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitators.

Facilitation Kit Required

Everyone who registers for this course must have, or have access to, an Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Kit. If you don’t already have your Facilitation Kit, click here for a special bundled offer!

By selecting this Certification product, you are acknowledging that you already have, or have access to, the required Facilitation Kit.