EPIC Starter Package – 500 Credits


New EPIC Account setup plus 500 credits

Includes our exclusive Catalyst Care support service!

Product bundle includes:

New EPIC Sub-Account

If you plan to purchase multiple individual assessments and you want to:

  • control when participants see their DiSC profile reports;
  • edit things like transmittal emails and report branding;
  • archive reports for future use;
  • stretch your training budget; and
  • access important free supplemental reports (e.g., Team View and one-on-one Comparison Reports);

then a private EPIC Sub-Account is right for you!

EPIC Credits × 500

EPIC Credits are the currency of Everything DiSC®. Think of them as the bitcoins you use to purchase DiSC tools, individual profiles, facilitator reports, comparison reports, etc.

Each profile and report has a credit value (see table below).

EPIC credits are for use in an existing EPIC Sub-Account administered by us as an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner.