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General Questions

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ is a personal development learning experience that equips people with the social and emotional know how for more effective interactions at work—no matter who or where they are. By combining Everyhthing DiSC profile results with flexible facilitation and a powerful learning platform, Everything DiSC on Catalyst helps learners:

  • Better understand themselves
  • Appreciate and value difference in others
  • Readily adapt to the unique needs of each person or situation they encounter

The result is lasting impact. For learners, Everything DiSC on Catalyst makes social and emotional growth possible. For organizations, Everything DiSC on Catalyst helps foster an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture that drives results.

The Everything DiSC® Assessment

  • Powered and proven by 40+ years of research
  • Uses computer adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms for precise results
  • Provides the foundation for a personalized learning experience

The Catalyst™ Platform

  • Delivers the results of the Everything DiSC assessment in a guided, narrative-style format
  • Allows learners to go deeper into their DiSC® style to develop social and emotional skills
  • Compares their DiSC style with colleagues and gives real-time tips for more effective interaction
  • Provides access to a range of social and emotional skills development content—personalized to each learner’s unique DiSC style

Your DiSC Profile (PDF)

  • Delivers the results of the Everything DiSC assessment in a guided, narrative-style format, including the learner’s application content.
  • A dynamic report available for download from the Catalyst platform and the EPIC Admin Site
  • Modular design to coincide with the topics in the facilitation

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit (Optional Kit for Facilitators)

  • Includes DiSC Fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ™, and Management content, featuring customizable virtual and in-person training modules, contemporary video, and activities.
  • Uses a short-format, modular design that is easily tailored to any group size or time constraint.
  • Available for purchase or as a free extension of the Everything DiSC Workplace®, the Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™, and/or the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kits

The best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Management applications, and the all-new Everything DiSC Agile EQ application.

Learners begin their Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience with Workplace. For new learners, this base experience is available for 15 credits. For past Everything DiSC® learners, this experience is available as a free upgrade through December 31, 2023.

From Workplace, you and/or your EPIC administrators can extend the learning journey to include Agile EQ™ or Management—both of which can be unlocked in EPIC for just 10 credits.

learner pricing table

Everything DiSC Workplace®, Everything DiSC Management, and Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ on Catalyst™ refactor the traditional Workplace, Management, and Agile EQ experiences to better support real-world application of the learning concepts. The result is an experience that transforms the traditional once-and-done training event into an ongoing learning process. Three notable differences are described below:

Modular Design:

The traditional Workplace, Management, and Agile EQ content have been refactored into 14 learning modules. Unlike the traditional experiences, each module is self-contained and can be done alone or in conjunction with others. The design enables group training sessions that can be easily customized to meet a wider range of time or group-size constraints.

The Workplace learning modules include the following:

    • Fundamentals Module 1 (60 minutes classroom/65 minutes virtual): Your DiSC® Style
    • Fundamentals Module 2 (30 minutes classroom/20 minutes virtual): Your Colleagues
    • Workplace Module 1 (75 minutes classroom/70 minutes virtual): What Drives You
    • Workplace Module 2 (75 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): You and Other Styles
    • Workplace Module 3 (60 minutes classroom/55 minutes virtual): Build Better Relationships

The Management experience has been refactored into six learning modules.

    • Management Module 1 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Your Management Style
    • Management Module 2 (30 minutes classroom/30 minutes virtual): People Reading
    • Management Module 3 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Direct & Delegate
    • Management Module 4 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Motivation
    • Management Module 5 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Develop Talent
    • Management Module 6 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Manage Up

The Agile EQ™ experience has been refactored into three learning modules.

    • Agile EQ Module 1 (45 minutes classroom/40 minutes virtual): Your EQ Strengths
    • Agile EQ Module 2 (95 minutes classroom/100 minutes virtual): Beyond Your Comfort Zone
    • Agile EQ Module 3 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Develop Your EQ

Please note that all learning modules can be delivered separately or together in a single event. The intent of the modular design is to equip Facilitators with more options to address emerging learning trends around shorter-format sessions.

Immediately Relevant and Applicable to Each Learner’s Day-to-Day Work Life:

The Catalyst™ platform acts as a personalized, on-demand home base for learners to call on throughout their DiSC® journey. Here, learners take their DiSC assessment, gain access to their personalized results as well as their Workplace and/or Agile EQ and Management application content, and can compare their DiSC style to their colleagues and get tips for more effective interactions in real-time. This contextualized experience allows learners to apply what they learn with their colleagues and more easily come back to DiSC to help achieve lasting behavior change.

Virtual or In-Person Instructor-Led Facilitation:

To address the remote work implications brought on by COVID-19, the Workplace, Management and Agile EQ™ on Catalyst™ facilitation has been designed to support virtual OR in-person training and include the following:

  • Virtual facilitation (for use with videoconferencing technology)
  • Classroom facilitation (for face-to-face sessions)

The Base Experience

Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace® experience to the next level. Designed to engage everyone in building more effective relationships at work, Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time. With this base experience, participants will:

  • Discover their DiSC style
  • Deepen understanding of self and others
  • Learn how to build better relationships with others
  • Access real-time tips for more effective interactions with their colleagues
  • Build the foundation for future social and emotional skills training

The result is a more engaged, collaborative culture that improves the overall quality of the workplace.

With Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst, learners will:

  • Take the Everything DiSC® Assessment
  • Gain access to the Catalyst™ platform
  • Receive their Your DiSC Profile report—a 24-page guided narrative available for download from the Catalyst™ platform and the EPIC Administration Site.

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst is available for 15 credits. For more details on pricing for your organization, please contact us.

Yes! Any past Everything DiSC learner is eligible for a FREE Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst upgrade through December 31, 2024. This upgrade is available for English profiles only. In any upgrade scenario, the learner will need to complete additional assessment questions. To gain access to this free upgrade, use existing data in EPIC. For more details on how to upgrade your past Everything DiSC to Catalyst™, please contact us.

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst is designed for anyone, regardless of title or function, who works with people. Individuals who work within or are associated with an organization will get more out of the learning experience because they will gain access to the Your Colleagues feature—allowing them to compare DiSC® styles and learn tips for more effective interactions in real-time.

The Add-on Experiences

Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ on Catalyst™

Learners can continue their DiSC® journey with the all-new Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ add-on experience, designed to teach participants to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly. By combining the personalized insights of DiSC with active emotional intelligence development, participants discover an agile approach to workplace interactions, empowering them to meet the demands of any situation. Agile EQ™ participants will:

  • Discover the instinctive mindsets that shape their responses and interactions
  • Recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to them
  • Take action to become more agile in their approach to social and emotional situations

The result is an emotionally intelligent workforce that can support a thriving agile culture.

With Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst, learners will:

  • Receive their personalized Agile EQ content on the Catalyst™ platform
  • The Your DiSC Profile report will be expanded from the Workplace content to include the Agile EQ content.

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst

Learners can continue their DiSC® journey with the Everything DiSC® Management add-on experience, designed to prepare anyone in a management role to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people. It combines DiSC with personalized management insights to help learners adapt their approach to each direct report, improving their management effectiveness in real-time. Everything DiSC Management is available within the Catalyst system as a 10-credit add-on to the Everything DiSC Workplace® base experience. Learners will:

  • Discover their DiSC management style
  • Develop a set of core management skills that are essential in the modern workplace
  • Gain actionable strategies for adapting their management style to each person they manage

The result is a culture of great managers who bring out the best in their people.

With Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst, learners will:

  • Receive their personalized Management content on the Catalyst™ platform
  • The Your DiSC Profile report will be expanded from the Workplace content to include the Management content.

General Add-on Experience FAQs

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ and Everything DiSC Management add-on experiences are available to Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ learners for an additional 10 credits.

Yes! Specific specials are:

  • Any past Everything DiSC Management learner is eligible for a FREE Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst upgrade through December 31, 2024.
  • Any past Everything DiSC Agile EQ learner is eligible for a FREE Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst upgrade through December 31, 2024.

These upgrades both include the Workplace on Catalyst base experience and are available for English profiles only. Please contact us to talk about your next steps.

No. The Agile EQ and Management on Catalyst add-on experiences both require the Workplace on Catalyst base experience. This means that to experience either the Agile EQ or Management application on the Catalyst platform, the total investment will be 25 credits for a new learner and will include all the Workplace content on the Catalyst platform. To experience all three applications, the total investment will be 35 credits for a new learner.

It’s important to note that once learners have access to the Workplace base experience, and the Agile EQ and/or Management add-on experiences, facilitators are empowered to mix and match the 14 learning modules on the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit into any order that best addresses the needs and circumstances of their learners.

EPIC administrators will need to add Agile EQ or Management to each learner’s Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst access code in EPIC. This process triggers an email to your learners, welcoming them to either Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ or Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst™. From there, learners log in to Catalyst to see their new content!

Assessment Questions

The assessment includes the base DiSC® questions, plus questions to measure the Workplace priorities, Productive Conflict priorities, Management priorities, and Agile EQ™ mindsets. As a result, learners will not have to take new items when they are given access to future Catalyst content (when additional content becomes available). Sales questions are not included because they are sales-specific and not relevant to learners in other roles or functions. Work of Leaders® questions are not included because they would substantially increase the length of the assessment.

If the learner takes the full Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst assessment, it will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. If a learner was assigned Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst using existing data from a past Everything DiSC® experience, it will take ~5-10 minutes to complete.

Catalyst™ Platform Questions

Catalyst is a personalized, online learning platform that acts as a single access point throughout a learner’s DiSC journey. Designed to support instructor-led facilitation or for individual exploration, Catalyst integrates DiSC into the flow of work, ensuring takeaways are readily applied. With Catalyst, learners will:

  • Take the proprietary Everything DiSC personality assessment
  • Discover their DiSC style and deepen their self-understanding
  • Compare with colleagues and gain tips for more effective interactions in real-time
  • Access social and emotional skills training—personalized to their unique DiSC style

With Catalyst, Everything DiSC creates an immediate, lasting impact on employee performance and organizational culture—from anywhere.

The content available on the Catalyst platform for learners who purchase Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst includes the following:

Your DiSC Style:

A narrative-style summary of a learner’s DiSC style with access to style-specific podcasts.


Personalized content traditionally found in the Workplace Profile but refactored into three learning modules to coincide with the facilitation:

    • What Drives You
    • You and Other Styles
    • Build Better Relationships

Your Colleagues:

A comparison capability that allows learners to find their colleagues and get tips for better interactions using DiSC®


Basic information about DiSC theory and research

For learners who have the Agile EQ™ on Catalyst™ and/or the Management on Catalyst add-on experiences, they will also see the below content on the Catalyst platform:

Agile EQ:

Personalized content traditionally found in the Agile EQ™ Profile, refactored as follows:

    • Your EQ Strengths
    • Beyond Your Comfort Zone
    • Develop Your EQ


Personalized content traditionally found in the Management Profile, refactored as follows:

    • Your Management Style
    • People Reading
    • Direct & Delegate
    • Motivation
    • Develop Talent
    • Manage Up

People will appear in the style filter for only the first letter or the first quadrant of their style. This is true for both the Your Colleagues page and the You and Other Styles page. For example, a learner with a Si style will appear in the S-style filter but will not appear in the i style filter.

Yes. A learner’s Workplace priorities, including additional priorities when applicable, are found within the Workplace feature on the Catalyst platform, and first introduced in the module, What Drives You. Here, the learner will find out their shading, their motivators and stressors, and three key strategies that might help improve effectiveness at work.

A learner’s Workplace priorities can also be viewed on any of the individual Your Colleagues pages within the Your Colleagues feature. Any learner can compare their Workplace priorities with those learners in the same organization using this feature.

No. Catalyst is a platform where learners access their personalized DiSC content. Facilitators can use a webinar or videoconferencing tool of their choice to run a virtual session.

No. The content on the Catalyst platform is created and managed by Wiley and is based on a learner’s DiSC® results and the DiSC results of the people within their organization.

No. Learners cannot access the facilitation materials (videos, PowerPoint decks, and handouts) from the Catalyst platform. These will be provided by the facilitator.

Yes. The Catalyst platform contains video content that is separate from the facilitation for learners to explore on their own.

The logo that appears on the platform is the logo that is housed in the database that powers the organization look-up feature in EPIC. If you create a custom organization, you are able to add a logo during the creation process in EPIC.

Yes. DiSC style podcasts are available within the Your DiSC Style section of the Catalyst platform. Learners will only gain access to the podcast that coincides with their DiSC style.

Not at this time. The Catalyst platform is a mobile-enabled website, designed for on-demand access from any device and provides a fully immersive mobile experience. However, it is not an application that you can download from an app store.

The Your DiSC® Profile Report (PDF)

Yes. The PDF profile is called Your DiSC® Profile and is available for download from either EPIC or the Catalyst platform. It’s a dynamic report, and the content will change based on which DiSC applications the learner has access to. A learner will have Workplace or Workplace + one or both add-on application content (Agile EQ™ and Management) depending on what the EPIC Administrator has provided.

The report can be printed from EPIC and used for in-person classroom training in the same way it’s always been used. In addition, learners can also download their reports directly from the Catalyst platform.

Most of the content in the report is the same as the content found in corresponding sections of the Catalyst platform, though there are some minor differences in presentation and organization. The report also contains introductory pages for each section that are not found on the platform and are intended to support modular facilitation. Conversely, some content on the platform, such as the Your Colleagues section, is not included anywhere in the report.

Many of the pages in the Your DiSC Profile report will closely resemble the content found in the Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Agile EQ, and Everything DiSC Management Profiles, and the personalized information remains largely the same. Notable changes include the following:

  • Introductory pages have been added that allow each module to be facilitated independently, if desired. The DiSC map at the bottom of each introductory page can be used as part of the “catch-up” content to reacquaint participants with the model. In addition, the You Will Learn section on this page identifies the highlights of each module.
  • The Your DiSC Overview, narrative, and Overview of DiSC pages from the traditional Workplace profile have been grouped in the Fundamentals section at the start of the report.
  • The Three Key Strategies for Effectiveness from the Workplace profile now follow the Motivators & Stressors page.
  • To support modular facilitation, a table of contents page has been added at the beginning of the report, and the page numbering calls out the section of the report. For example, the four pages of the Fundamentals section mentioned above are numbered FN 1–FN 4, and the first Workplace module is numbered WP 1–WP 4, etc.
  • Language changes such as new module names and some minor rewording of definitions and concepts.
  • A new page, Learning to Stretch, has been added to the last Agile EQ™ module to help participants determine which mindset they’d like to work on first.
  • The Management narrative has been removed because most of the same content appears in the narrative in the Fundamentals section of Your DiSC Profile.

Yes. Learners can access their Your DiSC Profile report within the Download Reports feature on the Catalyst platform.

The Comparison Report, Group Culture, Team View, Supplement for Facilitators, and Facilitator Reports are available for Everything DiSC on Catalyst.

The Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ Facilitation Kit

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit uses a short-format, modular design and includes virtual and in-person facilitation options to ensure you and your facilitators can create a customized experience that meets the needs of any client. The kit includes Workplace, Agile EQ, and Management content, featuring virtual and in-person training modules, contemporary video, and activities.

Workplace Facilitation Modules:

  • Fundamentals Module 1: Your DiSC Style
  • Fundamentals Module 2: Your Colleagues
  • Workplace Module 1: What Drives You
  • Workplace Module 2: You and Other Styles
  • Workplace Module 3: Build Better Relationships

Agile EQ Facilitation Modules:

  • Agile EQ Module 1: Your EQ Strengths
  • Agile EQ Module 2: Beyond Your Comfort Zone
  • Agile EQ Module 3: Develop Your EQ

Management Facilitation Modules:

  • Management Module 1: Your Management Style
  • Management Module 2: People Reading
  • Management Module 3: Direct & Delegate
  • Management Module 1: Motivation
  • Management Module 2: Develop Talent
  • Management Module 3: Manage Up

Here is a quick overview of the differences in the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit.

Everything DiSC on Catalyst in-person modules:

  • Most major activities remain the same
  • Some activities were moved to other locations to better align with the flow of facilitation
  • Inclusion of an optional recap section at the beginning and conclusion of each module

Everything DiSC on Catalyst virtual modules:

  • Most learning objectives remain unchanged
  • Activities are converted to meet the needs of a virtual training and learning environment
  • Modified or replaced in-person activities, designed for a virtual environment
  • Activities designed to encourage discussion and participation on a virtual platform, using collaboration tools like polls, PowerPoint® annotations, and more
  • Inclusion of an optional recap section at the beginning and conclusion of each module

The retail price is $1,495. However, when purchased as part of our Certification Bundle, the price is $1,000. 

Yes! Any Workplace, Agile EQ™, or Management kit holder who purchased a traditional kit on or before December 31, 2023, is eligible to access a free upgrade via the Everything DiSC® registration site using their registered serial number. This offer is available for those who have purchased either a Workplace, Agile EQ, OR Management Facilitation Kit, and those who have purchased any combination of the three Facilitation Kits.

This upgrade includes both the Workplace, Agile EQ, AND Management facilitation content, featuring both virtual and in-person training modules. For more information, please contact us.

The offer doesn’t expire but is only available for Workplace, Agile EQ, or Management Facilitation Kit holders who purchased their kit on or before December 31, 2023. Traditional Workplace, Agile EQ, or Management Facilitation Kits purchased after December 31, 2023, will not have access to the free upgrade. Instead, those individuals could purchase an Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit. For pricing information, please contact us.

EPIC Administration Questions

No. View is set to “yes” for all learners. On completion of their assessment, learners will gain access to their DiSC® results on the Catalyst™ platform. This provides a streamlined learner experience and aligns with today’s expectations for digital learning.

During the process of assigning an Everything DiSC on Catalyst access code, the EPIC administrator must select or add the organization specific to that access code. All learners assigned to the same organization in EPIC will be visible to each other through the Your Colleagues feature within the Catalyst platform. For more information, please contact us.

Yes. For step-by-step instructions, contact us for the Catalyst EPIC Administration Job Aid and/or the Troubleshooting Guide for Everything DiSC on Catalyst.

An EPIC administrator can create an organization if they cannot find the specific organization needed in the database.

Yes. Any organization that is created will be added to the database and visible to all EPIC administrators in the future.

Yes. Existing data can be used for learners that have completed any of the following learning experiences:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace®, Agile EQ™, Productive Conflict, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders®, and/or a 363® for Leaders.
  • The Five Behaviors® Team Profile (Everything DiSC), Five Behaviors Personal Development, Five Behaviors Team Progress Report (Everything DiSC).

Yes. EPIC administrators can use a completed Everything DiSC on Catalyst access code as existing data when creating one of the following access codes: Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC Sales, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, and Five Behaviors Personal Development.

No. In order to receive the Your DiSC Profile report, a past Everything DiSC Workplace learner will need to be upgraded to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst.

No. The search function and the department filters within the Your Colleagues feature can help your learners find one another with ease.

A single access code can be assigned to one organization only. If a learner would like to be a part of more than one organization, they must be assigned an additional access code, create a new learner login using a different email address, and complete the assessment again.

Learners select or create their department during the account set up process in Catalyst. Here, learners see a drop-down list of available departments and the number of learners associated with each department. If a learner does not see their department, they will have the option to create a new one.

Yes. EPIC administrators can create, view, update, and delete departments for organizations assigned to Catalyst access codes in their account. For step-by-step instructions, view our EPIC Admin Department Management job aid(/u>.

Any EPIC administrator can edit the departments within the organizations in which they have a pending or completed access code in EPIC (note that Catalyst access codes that have been unassigned or deleted would not grant editing rights). To see this list of organizations, EPIC administrators can visit ‘Manage your Account’, then ‘Manage My Organizations” in EPIC.

EPIC administrators with department editing rights for a Catalyst organization will be able to view the list of departments that have been created within each of their organizations, as well as the number of learners within each department. Learner data such as name, DiSC style, etc. is not visible.

Yes. EPIC Administrators can set up departments before sending access codes for a particular organization. This allows the organization to work together with the EPIC administrator to structure departments to align with organizational preferences before learners set up their account and select their departments in Catalyst.

Other than the normal account activity reports found in EPIC, there are no additional Catalyst learner activity reports at this time. Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ information will be included in the following:

  • Account History
  • Profile Completion – Detail + Summary
  • Pending Credits
  • Unassigned Access Codes
  • Records Moved
  • Credit Activity Reports

Privacy and Security

No, users are automatically connected to others from within their organization who are also on Catalyst. Learners can take advantage of the power of DiSC® immediately by finding their colleagues and gaining actionable tips for improved interactions.

Any learner at any time can opt out of sharing their DiSC style information by visiting the Privacy tab within their account settings on the Catalyst platform. If a learner chooses not to share, their colleagues will not see their DiSC style information, nor will they see their colleagues’ information. Learners who choose this option can change their settings any time.

Catalyst was fully designed and developed within a post-GDPR world and incorporates privacy and security in every feature through a fully integrated Privacy-by-Design program. This has enabled feature-level consideration within the context of GDPR and with other privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. As global privacy laws evolve, we will continue to evaluate privacy needs for future updates.


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