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EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is an online, do-it-yourself administrative platform that underpins the distribution and management of all Everything DiSC® assessments, reports, and communication.

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EPIC Sub-Account Benefits

  • Access to Everything DiSC on Catalyst!
  • Custom-branded reports and account settings (i.e., add your logo and company information to each report cover and respondent splash page);
  • Administrative access 24/7/365;
  • Stay organized with folders and subfolders;
  • Private, secure profile storage;
  • Organize reports in folders and sub-folders;
  • Set up email notifications for completed reports;
  • Schedule assessments for a later time;
  • Access to FREE supplemental reports (e.g., Comparison Reports, Facilitator Supplements, and Team View Reports);
  • Access to special pricing on EPIC Credit purchases; and
  • No annual fees, renewals, or minimums!

We Will Help You Get Started

Once your new EPIC account is ready, we will help you get started. We will offer to schedule a Zoom call to help you (and any other system administrators you would like to include) learn both the basics and some best practices regarding EPIC administration. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up your white-label custom branding;
  • Creating customized email templates;
  • Sending out access codes to learners;
  • Setting up a folder structure to simplify administration;
  • Managing Everything DiSC on Catalyst;
  • Viewing and printing reports and profiles; and
  • Accessing extensive online help.


DiSC ReportsCredits
Workplace on Catalyst15
Agile EQ on Catalyst10
Management on Catalyst10
Workplace Profile15
Productive Conflict Profile20
Agile EQ Profile25
Management Profile25
Sales Profile25
Work of Leaders25
Facilitator Report25
Group Report25
Comparison ReportFREE
Supplemental ReportFREE
Sales Interactive ReportFREE
Team ViewFREE

EPIC Credits are the currency of Everything DiSC®. Think of them as the “bitcoins” you use to purchase DiSC assessments, team view reports, facilitator reports, comparison reports, etc.

Each profile and report has a credit value (see nearby table).

EPIC Credits never expire!


EPIC is a secure website that gives you a stress-free way to manage your assessments. From customizable features to a growing list of functions, EPIC-based profiles offer advantages for DiSC practitioners.

Increased Productivity
Using EPIC helps conserve valuable training time. Employees complete assessments online before training sessions, so you can use every minute of classroom time to its full advantage. Plus, EPIC takes care of scoring participant profiles behind the scenes, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Enhanced Administrative Access
As an EPIC account administrator, you control access to the profiles in your EPIC account. Since it’s all online, you can access EPIC at any time—issue access codes, monitor report completion, and print reports from anywhere in the world. Once a person completes an assessment, EPIC scores and generates their personalized profile right away. People can view their profile immediately after they complete an assessment, you can hand them out later at your training session, or they can access them at any time on the Catalyst platform.

Refined Report Options
Make training stick with exclusive EPIC follow-up reports! You can build group reports from participant profiles in your EPIC account and easily move people in and out of group reports as teams change.

Customizable Features
And, you can tailor Everything DiSC® profiles to meet your training timeframe. Profile sections can be rearranged or even removed to fit your needs. You can even personalize Everything DiSC reports with your company name, training program, and logo.


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