What is EPIC?

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is Wiley’s online, do-it-yourself administrative platform that underpins the distribution and management of all Everything DiSC® tools, reports, and communication. When you purchase DiSC assessments from us (e.g., Everything DiSC® Workplace profiles), we use our master EPIC account to trigger your receipt of appropriate online access codes and to archive your resulting report.

This process works great if you just need a couple of assessments. But if you need ten or more assessments and/or you want total control over your organization’s DiSC experience, we recommend setting up your own EPIC sub-account.

With your own EPIC administrative account, you’re in total control of your organization’s DiSC experience.

EPIC Sub-Account Benefits

  • Administrative access 24/7/365;
  • Stay organized with folders and subfolders;
  • Customizable report covers and account settings (i.e., add your logo and company information to each report cover and respondent splash page);
  • Private, secure profile storage;
  • Access to FREE supplemental reports (e.g., Comparison Reports and Team View Reports); and
  • No annual fees, renewals, or minimums!

What are EPIC Credits?

DiSC ToolsCredits
Workplace Profile15
Productive Conflict Profile20
Agile EQ Profile25
Management Profile25
Sales Profile25
Work of Leaders25
363 for Leaders50
Facilitator Report25
Group Report25
Comparison ReportFREE
Supplemental ReportFREE
Sales Interactive ReportFREE
Team ViewFREE

EPIC Credits are the currency of Everything DiSC®. Think of them as the bitcoins you use to purchase DiSC tools, individual profiles, facilitator reports, comparison reports, etc.

Each profile and report has a credit value (see nearby table).

Additional Benefits of an EPIC Sub-Account:

  • Personalize participant emails;
  • Choose whether participants get to view profile results;
  • Organize reports in folders and sub-folders;
  • Create sub-accounts under your EPIC account (e.g. business units, departments, etc.);
  • Set up email notifications for completed reports;
  • Schedule assessments for a later time;
  • Generate various group reports;
  • Download multiple reports at once; and
  • EPIC Credits never expire!

Is an EPIC sub-account right for you?

The short answer is – probably yes! In our experience, the flexibility that EPIC Sub-Accounts afford trainers, HR leaders, team leaders, and business owners far outweighs the minor cost of setting up these accounts. In fact, we feel so strongly about the benefits to our clients of leveraging EPIC Sub-Accounts, we set them up for FREE with the purchase of at least 100 EPIC Credits (a savings of $193.50).

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A Catalyst Consulting exclusive!  When you purchase selected products and services from us, we give you on-demand access to our two principals, who are senior-level consultants as well as expert Everything DiSC® facilitators.  We can help you adapt Everything DiSC solutions to your unique situation for maximum organizational impact.

Professionals helping professionals - that's what we offer. Why settle for less?

Professional Support

Catalyst Care applies to the following products and services purchased on this site:

  • EPIC Account Holders - we support you throughout the setup process and help you become expert at administering DiSC across your organization. You also receive the most competitive rate on the purchase of EPIC Credits (the currency of Everything DiSC).
  • Certification Graduates - if you register for DiSC Certification using one of our convenient options and successfully complete the course, we will support you - one Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator to another!
  • Facilitators and Trainers - if you purchase a Facilitation Kit or Starter Package from us, we will help you make the most of what each kit offers. We've been there and done that, so let us help you rapidly leverage DiSC in your organization.