Thank you for setting up your new EPIC Administrator Account with us!

In order for you to quickly enjoy the benefits of your own EPIC account, we need to set you up in our master account. To do that, we need a few pieces of information from you.

Most of this information can be changed once your new sub-account is “live,” but we need placeholder information to start the process.

So here’s what we need from you:

  • review the detailed description of the data we need below:
  • assemble your “answers” (which often involves some internal discussion);
  • return here and complete your setup questionnaire; and
  • submit your form to us by clicking the SEND button.
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What Happens Next?

When we receive your setup questionnaire, we will create your new EPIC Sub-account within 24 hours.

You will receive a confirmation email with your new account’s login credentials directly from Wiley (the owners of Everything DiSC), so please keep an eye out for messages from “”

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or the setup process in general, please contact us at (800) 378-9843.

    The information we need…

    Company Name: This is the easy one!

    Administrator Name: This is your EPIC account’s primary contact and, importantly, will be displayed in the default email subject line (e.g., “ADMIN NAME has registered you for DiSC Workplace Profile”). It can be a person (e.g., Jane Williams) or a department (e.g., Corporate HR). 

    Primary Username: This name needs to be unique within the EPIC system and will be granted Super Administrator privileges.  As a Super Admin, this person (or group) can control all aspects of your EPIC sub-account. Again, it can be an individual or a group/department. Please note, you can name additional Super Admins as well once your account is set up.

    Primary Email: This is the email address that receives all notifications for the EPIC system, including as each assessment is completed.  This email address typically receives many inbound messages during a typical DiSC implementation.  This is often a group email address (e.g., “”).

    Outgoing “From” Name: This is the “friendly” name that appears in system-generated emails.  Again, it can be an individual or a group (e.g., “Your HR Team”).